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Six Senses Maxwell in Singapore

If I have to choose my favorite city in South and East Asia I guess I would always mention Singapore first. That’s why I always try to plan at least a one or two nights stopover, when flying with a stop in Singapore. 

As I did this time on our why from Sri Lanka to Indonesia. We spend our two nights in the beautiful and totally new Six Senses Maxwell hotel in Singapore – one of the first city hotels of this famous Six Senses Resort & Spas hotel group.

Six Senses Maxwell is set in a block of heritage shop houses in Singapore’s Chinatown and has been beautifully restored to its original grandeur with interiors. The Six Senses Duxton and Six Senses Maxwell are the first city hotels of the Six Senses hotel group and just a couple of minutes away from eachother.

We spend two nights at the Six Senses Maxwell. Featuring 138 guest rooms and suites designed by internationally-acclaimed French designer Jacques Garci who beautifully restored it to its original grandeur. The hotel has besides of the guest rooms a spa, which will be open soon, a pool, a champagne lounge, a whiskey bar, a club lounge and impressive library.

The Rooms

With the exception of some, the rooms are not huge as the hotel had to work within the constraint of existing structures in the heritage building. But what they lack in spaciousness are more than made up by Garcia’s trademark style design and quality of finishing, think lush brocade-wrapped headboards; Garcia-designed velvet chairs in damask fabrics; standing lamps with pleated silk lampshades; gorgeous minibars fitted in brass, lacquer and marble; and Lafroy Brooks fixtures-adorned bathrooms.

In line with Six Senses’ sustainability ethos, filtered water is served from glass – rather than plastic – bottles, bathroom amenities are dispensed from wooden pump bottles and in its bid to be plastic-free by 2020, even the corn starch-made toothbrushes are completely biodegradable. 


Murray Terrace Brasserie

On the menu, Murray Terrace Brasserie is a European styled brasserie named after the building in which it is housed. and coincidentally also the first name of the hotel’s general manager. The culinary focus is on quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced and organically grown. The Murray Terrace Brasserie demonstrates how quality natural ingredients can promote wellness. Recipes are European inspired, with a strong focus on Mediterranean cooking methods that let the ingredients take centre stage. 

I choose the delicious celery juice, acai bowl and avocado bread for breakfast. The perfect combination especially after 3 weeks Sri Lankan curries.

Yellow Pot

Experience fine Singapore cuisine at Yellow Pot, an authentic and innovative Chinese restaurant at Six Senses Duxton. Yellow Pot keeps in theme with the Six Senses Duxton’s overall mod-oriental design. Black and gold form the main colour palette of the 50-seater space, with Chinese accents like golden fans and lacquered screen doors to reinforce the restaurant’s identity. We enjoyed one dinner here and would highly recommend to try it.


Cook & Tras Social Library

This social library at Six Senses Maxwell houses 3,000 books that visitors are free to pick up and browse. Settle into one of its plush velvet settees and choose between coffee, tea, kombucha or an alcoholic beverage if you so please. There are also local snacks to munch on if you start to feel peckish. The Cook and Tras Social Library is where love, good food and literature come together.


Sustainability at Six Senses

Six Senses are renowned for their dedication to environmental causes and practices, and each resort (including Singapore) has its own Sustainability Manager to oversee sustainability, make improvements, and search out better solutions to waste. Six Senses Singapore are only the second and third hotels (Duxton and Maxwell respectively) in Singapore to be carbon neutral, and they take great lengths to ensure they minimise their environmental impact through reusing, recycling and refusing certain materials, like single-use plastics. From the cocktail decorations (dehydrated orange skins) to the soaps in the guest bathrooms (sent to be recycled as part of a social initiative Clean The World) there is no area too small to be overlooked as making an environmental impact. 

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas has taken its leading position in sustainability one step further with the launch of Earth Lab. 

Earth Lab is a place where every Six Senses property showcases their sustainability efforts to reduce consumption, produce locally, and support communities and ecosystems. Guests are invited to visit Earth Lab to reconnect with the natural world and learn some simple life-hacks that will allow them to make a difference. 

Producing materials on site reduces transportation-related impacts, especially for products that must otherwise travel long distances to our locations. Six Senses has adopted a philosophy of Zero Waste, meaning, there is no waste and all materials must have a new purpose – Earth Lab embraces this concept by upcycling materials into new products. Work happening around the property or off-site is also communicated in Earth Lab, for example marine conservation work, forest restoration and community development. This is a place where they display all their impacts, including resort consumption data for water, energy, and waste and start a conversation about the ways we manage resort impacts.

Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas president Bernhard Bohnenberger said he believed that the key to changing consumer behavior was to make sustainability an aspiration goal, rather than going the way of banning.

“Education is hugely important, but not like ‘you should not do this, you must not do that’. I think we have to make this whole fight for sustainability fun, enjoyable, fashionable, so that people go in with their heart.” 

48 h in Singapore

Day 1

8 am Start your day with a good and healthy breakfast at Murray Terrace Brasserie

9:30 am Take the MRT and spend the morning at the famous Chinese Garden in the western part of Singapore. In just 30 minutes you will reach this beautiful place with the metro.

1 pm It’s time for Lunch. Just in front of the SIx Senses Maxwell you will find Maxwell Food Center. Perfect for a snack in between.

2 pm Now it’s time to explore the neighbourhood. I never spend time in Chinatown before, but I guess after my stay at the Six Senses Maxwell it will be my favorite district of Singapore now. Besides some nice boutiques and stylish cafés and restaurants, you will experince more about the chinese culture, history and religion.

4 pm Chinese Tea Workshop at the famous Yixing Xuan Teahouse, just 100 meter from the hotel. Learn more about the chinese tea culture – very interesting.

7 pm Dinner im Yellow Pot, Six Senses Duxton. Here you can expect a real authentic and innovative chinese cuisine.


Day 2

7 am Start your day with some yoga and medidation to recharge your energie for the day.

8 am Today you can try the chinese inspired breakfast at the Six Senses Duxton just a 2 minutes walk from Maxwell.

9:30 am It’s time to explore Singapores famous Garden by the Bay and Marina Bay. It’s really worth visiting, especially when it’s your first time in Singapore. Make sure to bring your refill water bottle with you – it can be really hot during the day.

2 pm Do you like indian food? Then you have to try the food in Little India. As you can imagine, this district is like a real little India with the best curries and super cheap food.

3 pm Traditional Chinese medicin – get to know more about the different forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine – herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy. You can book this experience at the Six Senses reception.

7 pm Dinner at Dumpling Darlings in Chinatown. You will find some really delicious dumplings over here. But they have just two vegetarian dishes on their menu. 

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