Roeckl – handmade high-quality Accessoires

*Dieser Beitrag ist in freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit Roeckl entstanden.

The bran Roeckl stands for high-quality gloves and accessories for over 175 years now. In 1839, Jakob Roeckl’s vision was to make the finest gloves. They should protect, beautify and remain with their owners for many years. He founded his craftsman’s workshop in Munich and set about producing glacé kid gloves of the highest quality. Today leadership of the enterprise has remained in the family for six generations, and Annette Roeckl is pursuing her vocation with passion and success. The Roeckl company represents authenticity, dynamic craftsmanship traditions and a passion for detail. Ever since it was first founded in 1839, the Roeckl brand has been synonymous with the finest gloves and premium accessories.

I choose a classic wool beret hat in combination with a long wool coat for my outfit. Furthermore, I took my black backpack with me and just pimp it with this cute red scarf from Roeckl as well. Each scarf is created like a unique piece of art and is handmade. I definitely recommend you to just browse through their online shop or store.




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