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Sustainable and Eco-friendly Activewear by Ambiletics

As we all know, working out can have a positive impact on your health and body. So why are we not cloth our bodies in love too! I thought about it a couple of months ago until I had to get myself some new workout gear a few weeks ago. Unceremoniously, I browse through the www for some stylish and affordable sustainable activewear. On that point, I recognized that sustainable fashion market is growing and overs us more and more sustainable options and stylish fair fashion brands become available to us mere mortals, too. On this way, I found Ambiletics – an ethical sportswear brand for active women. They make comfy clothes for sweating in – designed to accompany you through challenging workouts. A sustainable, transparent and fair production process is crucial for them and their perfect fit is designed in Berlin using only high-class Italian fabrics and the collection is sewn in a sewing shop in Poland under fairest conditions. I’ve found everything I’ve always been looking for and contacted Giulia, the founder of Ambiletics because her brands got my attention and I needed some more details and insights to share this wonderful brand with you as well. Shortly she came back to me and answered all my questions immediately. Giulia founded Ambiletics in summer 2018. With Ambiletics she is able to combine her passion for sustainability and sports. Her goal is to share this passion for a more conscious lifestyle and inspire others for sustainable and cool activewear – just like my idea and vision.


How did AMBILETICS start?

My desire to start something on my own became stronger after studying some time abroad and working in a Berlin-based creative agency as a brand strategist. I wanted to make a difference and inspire other women to a more conscious lifestyle. Since sport has always been an integral part of my life and as I was frustrated by the limited supply of fair but cool activewear, the idea of founding my own label became more and more solid. So I founded AMBILETICS and turned a matter close to my heart into my very own project.

Where do you position AMBILETICS in the market compared to other sustainable brands?

There are a lot of fair fashion brands out there that I admire very much. AMBILETICS complements that range well and expands it by a new cool activewear brand. I visioned to create a sportswear brand that is sexy, cool and far away from the eco cliché as we know it and I think we got off to a good start.

How does AMBILETICS combine functional sportswear and sustainability?

For high-intensity workouts, polyester is the ideal material, since it is breathable and sweat resistant. However, polyester is petroleum based and therefore uses up a lot of non-renewable resources. For our collection it was important, instead of wasting further resources, to focus on recycled materials. So working with the resources, that are already on our planet. In our case, we use high-quality recycled polyester fabric that is made from plastic bottles and consumer waste, which is perfectly suited for high-intensity workouts.

Sustainability is an important topic, especially for fashion. What is AMBILETICS stand in educating the consumer?

Through colorful and bold patterns as well as working with high-quality fabrics, we aim to inspire women to live a more conscious lifestyle. And thus make the topic of sustainability accessible in a playful way. If you want people to change, you have to make things easy and fun.

Where do you source your materials from? How easy it is to find sustainable materials? And what materials do you use?

One of the hardest challenges in the beginning was to find the fabric that suited our criteria – recycled, high-quality, suitable for printing vibrant colors on it and on top of that the fabric needed to be non-see-through 🙂 I was lucky to work closely with a manufacturer in Italy, specialized on producing sustainable polyester fabrics.

You give high importance to upcycling. How does it work?

Unlike polyester, recycled polyester uses PET and post consumers waste as the raw material. It is being recycled to create the fabric we use for our sports leggings and bras. to break it down into steps, the process works like this: First, the used plastic is sterilized, dried and crushed into small chips. the chips are then heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn. After that, the fiber is passed through a crimping machine to create a fluffy wooly texture. ready to be baled, dyed and knitted into polyester fabric – voilà! Comfy, durable and perfect for a workout – and the future of our planet.

What is your most successful item?

We started our first collection with five different colorful patterns that are all unique and have been drawn by hand. The leggings are available in either full print or in black with a dynamic stripe that features the pattern. At the moment it is a close battle between the Tropical Tension and the Zebra Zoom pattern, followed closely by the dark blue Leo print story. Especially during darker days, we all know winter is about to come, my personal favorite pattern at the moment is the vibrant Galaxy pattern since it puts you immediately in a good mood.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from everywhere – most of the time in moments, where you expect them the least. So while going for a run, doing the dishes, listening to music, traveling or chilling on the couch. Let’s admit, we all have our potato moments 🙂

What is your ultimate goal?

Sustainable fashion should no longer be a niche market. But a matter of course. My dream ist, whether I go out for a run in the park or pay a visit to the gym for a workout session, I would love to see other girls sweating in AMBILETICS, too.

Thank you, Giulia for your time. It is so many more in fact, that you’re even spoiled for choice now when it comes to picking an eco-friendly outfit to wear to the gym! Shop my Ambiletics look and the whole collection here: https://shop.ambiletics.com


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