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During our world trip it is sometimes impossible to avoid flying, if we need to go from A to B. That’s definitely not good for our eco bilance, it’s out of the question. So when we can’t avoid and have to fly, we always compensate for our CO2-emission of our travel. It definitely not prevent the reason of flying, but I always use to calculate my emission rate.

With projects of the highest quality, myclimate promotes quantifiable climate protection and long-lasting development worldwide. through these projects emissions are reduced by replacing fossil fuel sources with renewable energies and by implementing energy-efficient technologies.

Plastic free flying – how should that work?

Today I will share with you all my tips I learned in the last 6 month during my travels. It’s all about how I avoid using plastic especially during flights. It is really easy to fly plastic free, but you need to be prepared.

You don’t have to sort out all your plastic products you have, but you just have to use them wisely. So please find below my useful tips to fly plastic free:

Preparation is everything – especially when it comes to a longtime flight baout 8 hours.

Tip 1 empty refill bottle 

And yes, it should be empty to get through the security check. After the check at the airport you can fill it up on one of the provided refill stations or with tab water, if it’s drinkable.


Tip 2 – food in your own food container

The most trash will be produced when you choose the food offered by the airline. To avoid this trash I always cancel my food before the flight. Then I prepare my own food at home or whereever, pack it my steel food container boxes and bring it with me. Honestly, the fligh meals are always so bad and nothing can beat your own food. Right?

Tip 3 – plastik free napkins

WIth your own napkins made of linen or cotton you can’t go wrong. they will also protect your food in the boxes.

Tip 4 – your own cutlery made of wooden

And you have to choose cutlery made of WOOD, otherwise I can guarantee that you can bring it on board.

Tip 5 – bring your own drinking cup

You can refill your cup with tea and coffe on the airplane and even before the flight to avoid those annoying paper cups.

Tip 6 – put on warm clothes

Or just bring a scarf. So you don’t need to use the offered blanket, which is always packed in plastic.

Tip 7 – bring your own toothbrush in your carry-on luggage

And it would be perfect if it’s made of wood. But also your used toothbrush from home will do its job. The airline will also offer you toothbrushes, but they are also packed up in plastic. Needless!

Tip 8 – bring your own head phones 

Head phones last nearly forwever. So please bring your own head phones on every flight to avoid the plastic packed head phones offered by the airlines.

Tip 9 – Smartphone

Download your boarding pass and ticket via an app or your e-mails on your smartphone to avoid some paper.



The Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways recently revealed that it uses some 27 million single-use plastic coffee cup lids every year.

That revelation was enough to encourage Etihad to take action and, on 22 April, it became the first major airline to make a long haul flight with no single-use plastics on board from Abu Dhabi to Brisbane.

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