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Linen Outfit from last Sunday

The weather is warm, the sun is high, but you still want to wear long clothes without sweating? Then linen is your choice – it’s cool, light and literally screams summer from its breezy fibres.

Linen is strong and sensitive to your skin

Linen is an extremely strong, lightweight fabric made from the flax plant, part of the genus Linum in the family Linaceae. The word “linen” comes from the Latin name for flax, “linum usitatissimum.”

Linen is a natural fiber, like cotton, but it takes longer to harvest and make into fabric, as flax fibers can be difficult to weave. The fibers are extracted from the plant and stored for long periods of time to soften the fibers. Linen is a common material used for towels, tablecloths, napkins, and bedsheets. The term “linens” still refers to these household items, though they are not always made out of linen fabric.

How to Care for Linen

Use cold water. Always check the tag before washing. Most linen items should be washed on a cold setting. If it’s not overly soiled, you can skip washing and just use a steamer to freshen up your dress.

Remove early. Going through a full cycle in the dryer isn’t ideal for linen, because it may crease. Toss it in for 10 minutes on low, and then hang to dry; the garment will feel softer.

Iron inside out. This helps prevent shine and maintain the imperfect texture. Place a cloth between the garment and the iron to avoid burns. Iron while the dress is still slightly damp to remove stubborn crinkles.

Linen Shorts – ARKET, Linen Shirt – ARKET, Top – ARKET, Hut – Lack of Colors

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