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Freediving in Bali – Lembongan

Freediving is more than  diving

Freediving brings you to your physical and mental limits. Diving without breathing apparatus means being under water with your own breath. Freediving is by definition holding your breath underwater. Depth and long plays no rule for free diving, it’s much more – all about mental relaxation

Before I did my scuba diving license, I never thought about free diving or was even interested in it. Until I saw that Blue Corner Dive is one of the first diving schools on Lembongan doing those free diving courses. As a very curious person I wanted to learn more about it. Especially, the fact that free diving is more than just diving and as a lot common with meditation and relations sound interesting for me.

After freediving your body feels so relaxed and comfortable. It builds your strength and the effect for your body is quiet similar to yoga.

The most important thing is to immerse yourself in it. You have to be mental and physical relaxed and with the right technique you will overcome the threshold. Everyone can hold their breath up to 5 minutes without health consequences.

Therefore I signed up for the free diving introduction course. A bit nervous and exciting I showed up the day after at Blue Corner Dive again. Before the first open water dive and the pool session, Cam the instrocutor explained some theory and watched my attention with his calm and passionate nature for this sport.

Diese Belastung bemerkt der Körper natürlich in jeder Faser, die Lunge hat schon bei 30 Metern nur noch die Größe einer Zitrone und auch das Gewebe muss diesem Druck standhalten.

After the first theory we practice the first skills in the pool. We focused on our relaxation face, holding our breath and our movement in the water. How to handle the mask and fins and some security advises. We practice the perfect duck dive and some first seconds and minutes holing our breath.

Freediving – from the pool into the open water

During the second part of the introduction you will head out to the open water for 2,5  – 3 h to practice your pool skills. First, we stopped for a short snorkeling at Manta Bay, where we saw our first Mantas. One of the most majestic animals in the ocean. After that stop we continued the boat ride to a more quiet place. During the introduction you will go down to 6 – 10 meters, but you never should forget that free diving isn’t about the depth.

The sport of freediving has been given the term “underwater meditation” as students learn how to relax weightlessly and comfortably underwater, enjoying the ocean in a new and mind-blowing way.

Truth be told, I couldn’t even hold my breath under water for a second 1 week ago. I wasn’t comfortable with diving and although I always loved the ocean I thought the underwater world wasn’t for me. But last week @bluecornerfreedive changes my mind and teaches me how to relax weightless and comfortable underwater, enjoying the ocean

Blue Corner Freedive ist Nusa Lembongan is Nusa Lembongan’s first PADI Freediver Center, and specializes in beginner level freedive training and recreational freediving. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida boast an incredible variety of underwater life, and are famous for their healthy reef systems, clear water, and magestic megafauna, notably Manta Rays and Molas.

Besides an introduction course you can also do your PADI certified free diver with Blue Corner.

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