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Food and Drinks in Tel Aviv

It’s Food Friday and I prepared a small food and drinks guide for Tel Aviv. Israel is a food heaven and a place where you will find a lot of vegan options. Lena and I didn’t expect such a good food in Tel Aviv and took a lot of pictures in our favourite spots for food. Btw you will also find a great travel guide for Tel Aviv on Lena’s blog right now. You have to check it out, but first, have a look at our food recommendations. After that, you will book your trip to Tel Aviv immediately. 🙂

Hummus Abu Dhabi

Let’s start with the world’s best hummus I’ve eaten so far. Israel is very famous for their hummus and if you want to try the best hummus in Tel Aviv you definitely have to go to Hummus Abu Dhabi. They don’t have a menu in English, but the staff is very friendly and will help you. Lena and I would recommend you to try the hummus topped with chickpeas, the israeli salad and falafel. And it’s very cheap as well…we paid for everything you can see on the picture round about 12 €. Go there!!!!


For the best croissant, you should go to he-il in Florentin. It’s a super cute café, restaurant, and bar located on the Florentin Street 3. We’ve been there for breakfast and dinner and I would recommend you to try the homemade halva croissant. So delicious and perfect for a small breakfast. In the evening we tried their homemade fries and ordered a mixed basket of french fries, sweet potato fries and onion ring. Try it!

Carmel Market

The Carmel Market is the most famous market in Tel Aviv and also a very trendy hot spot in TLV. A vibrant marketplace where traders sell clothes, fruits, vegetables, sweets and some local stuff. The market is bordered by Allenby Street and Magen David Square and is open every day of the week, except Shabbat (Saturday). You will also find some small „restaurants“ and food corner next to the market and we would recommend you to try some of the fresh pressed juices. 🙂



For a super healthy, vegan breakfast and as Lena would say: The best porridge in town go to loveat. You will find them three times in Tel Aviv. We had some warm porridge and a granola. Both dishes were so delicious and the café is a very popular spot to spend some time. We’ve been to the loveat next to the Carmel Market to start our day right and ready for a stroll through the market.

Meshek Barzilay

We started our first breakfast in Tel Aviv with a typical Israeli Breakfast in Neve Tzedek. The Meshek Barzilay is the perfect place to try a typical Israeli breakfast. they have some great vegan dishes as well as some food with eggs and more. The staff is super friendly and we’ve got a warm welcome on our first day in Tel Aviv. We couldn’t ask for a better start for our city trip to Tel Aviv.

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